Your freedom depends on you, and no one else!

We suffer only for our lack of knowledge, and our society and children suffer as well…My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.”  Hosea 4:6 (NIV)

“An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.  Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight.  It is therefore imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens.” Thomas Jefferson

They did warn us.  When Benjamin Franklin was asked as he left the first congress…What have you given us?”, he replied with, “a Republic, if YOU can keep it.” (paraphrasing).  It is up to YOU to be your own best advocate for freedom.

Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are?

Many members and others report success using these principles in dealing with these situations…

  • Stop debt collectors fast and win damages instead, all without playing defense only.
  • Reducing or eliminating credit cards, student loans, tax matters, traffic tickets, auto loans, and more.
  • Reducing and stopping collection on an “unverified” Mortgage (advanced technique).
  • Education of many issues relating to civil and criminal matters.
  • NOTE – These methods CANNOT be used when there is a verifiable damaged party who is a man or woman, which common law protects.  You should work out a settlement in those matters in private.  If there is no man/woman who will take the stand and “verify a claim” by testifying under oath, you have a great chance of winning.  Many have even made VOID past judgments on this principal.  When dealing with a “fiction” corporation or other non-living entity, you are the creator of government which serves you the people, and therefore the statutes and fictions it creates, cannot be superior to your standing unless to agree.

When one does their own self study, they often realize that most “statutes and codes” created by government and the legal industry exist and apply to certain “persons”, “individuals”, “citizens”, corporations, trusts, etc, and may not actually apply to a living man or woman in most cases.  We have yet to find statutes and codes that even mention a man or woman.  So why are so many losing?  Because only YOU can implement YOUR rights. Yet we are conditioned to let others “represent” us.

Do you know who you are? Best stated here…

Take a free tour and learn some simple rules that can free you from the “perceived tyranny” which may have more to do with your own lack of knowledge than anything.  In man’s created world, a man only can be your master if you volunteer for it.  For those who know who they are, a man or woman under only God, you are the one the public is supposed to serve.  With a simple understanding and application of simple common law rules, and some study, many have discovered how to accomplish amazing results (not relying on mere “color of law” statutes and codes).


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If you know of a group being attacked for their religious beliefs (very common these days), we have a solution. Rather than hire an attorney on try to defend such a thing, go on the offense and make the other party PROVE they are in fact damaged.  It is time to end the insanity against religious and other groups being attacked by a noisy reality these days.

You can win FAST and with a firm conclusion, once you know who you are….

Learn who you are in relation to this world today, and how YOU can have a real impact by turning our world back in the right direction, by simply using your power to create, implement, and enforce your own court of record.  In the real world, you are the King and thus YOU are law.  When you move your case, YOU are the law, in a court of record. As proof, that is why judges, officers, attorneys, and servants are called “public servants”.  They must have an Oath of Office and bond, to protect you.  But do you know how to use this?   YOU are that public, who create the law.

Those who master these simple principles can bring absolute conclusion to these cases fast, with simple plain language, without expensive legal battles, without attorneys and courts merely “running up the bill”, all the while by keeping you confused in their foreign “legal” language of codes and statutes”.  Most statutes and codes do not necessarily apply to a “living” man/woman (unless you give up your rights or allow your status to be reduced; this is their whole game).

The key is to stop fighting, and instead, “accept” the bill for the entity who engages with them, and offer to settle the matter with the man.  Done right, you win nearly every time (unless you really have harmed the man).  

Stop trying to play defense under thousands of unrealistic statutes, merely created by the legal industry and government, to create income and employment for themselves under their so called “democracy”.  YOU are manMan creates government and law, and it must serve and protect the people.  In their club, man and woman are not the same thing as “persons”, “individuals”, etc. (look them up in Black’s Law Dictionary yourself). Legal words are commonly trick legal terms to keep you confused and pull you under them, just for saying “I understand”.  It is an entirely different language, no different than going to China and not knowing the language, yet expecting success.  The general population is kept ignorant of this dynamic, which makes you feel dependent on their attorneys (interpreters).  This evolution into this current state of things, is not what was intended by our founders, nor do I believe this is what God wants for us.

Re-discover the truth being masked under thousands of codes and rules, that may not apply to you (if you act accordingly).  That’s all this really takes.  It will be hard for most to understand how simple this really is.  The hard part is getting rid of the disbelief and conditioning you already have. Once you study this we encourage you to re-watch the Movie “The Matrix”.  You will see what they were really trying to tell you.

This restricted mindset has been perpetuated and pumped into your head through SELF interested (for profit industries such as media, government, public education, attorneys, accountants.  Most us were even co-opted by our own parents, who also were culturally trained to just FOLLOW and obey, and not to question.  We believe God wants you to know truth; that God’s simple laws are supreme, and YOU are the author of the law here on earth.  That’s it.  We were instructed to take dominion, but we keep selling out our power in exchange for a voluntary “benefit” (ie: a social security check, a tax deduction, a driver’s license, social security number, free prison cell with food and clothing, etc).

Does this all assume you are ABOVE the legal codes?  Not if you know who you are.  Only you can decide once you understand the difference.  No one is above the “law”, but whose laws are you talking about?

It is not magic, it is JUST “common sense” as it applies to a man or woman under God.  If there is true harm to a living man or woman, there should be crime and punishment.  However man’s (color of law) statutes and codes (mistakenly called laws), are generally merely victimless “codes” that apply to certain “citizens/persons/ government employees” who effectively volunteer for them, in exchange for benefits from Caesar.  It certainly creates a lot of well paying jobs in the legal industry, doesn’t it?  Then we elect people from that same industry to create more of it to pile upon us… it is all our own doing.

We did not invent this Common law – Court of Record” approach, we are simply spreading the word (thanks to many such as Lentz, Cornforth, Dr Graves, Thornton, and other leaders who share ideas). You will need to study many sources.  In our discussions, we merely focus on the SIMPLE conclusions and simpler solutions that work most effectively for the simple man or woman, once one knows who you are.

This is our Ministry mission. We stay away from, theories, conspiracies, creating paper instruments, or even addressing how to win using statutes and codes, because there is no point to it. It is time for common sense solutions. If someone says you owe a duty or a debt, all we say is…ASK THEM TO PROVE IT… if the other party cant’ prove it, they may be committing fraud upon you. Then you have rights, IF you choose to use them. (you have a republic/ rule of law, if you can keep it)  THAT’S IT. Nothing will be more powerful in creating a better world. It starts with YOU.

Our country and world, we believe we can free a man or woman who simply learning the difference.  We practice common sense/ Common Law information sharing. That is why we created this web site. There is true freedom in not falling under man’s statutes as much as possible, but instead using God’s law in our daily life, and in dealing with problems we create by falling for man’s created deceptions.

 Are we working against government, and the status quo?  Absolutely not!

We want simple, “republic respecting” government that merely exists to protect the people from harm, and stays out of everything else. We believe much of this has happened so slowly that many within that world don’t even realize it is going on. It is like the sleeping frog in the gradually increasing temperature pot of water, or the slave who was born into slavery who can’t even comprehend a different world.  Let’s be honest, much of today’s legal system exists merely to feed itself and to grow itself, with all of it’s no harmed party/ paper crimes.  That was not the original intent when our country was created. We believe TRUTH prevails and this is what God wants for us to strive for (the entire bible teaches us this). BUT it is up to us personally to gain knowledge or lose our freedoms.

We Perish for our lack of knowledge.  Believe in it or not, the Bible reminds us of what happens when we leave our freedom’s protection to others (governments, attorneys’, etc). Even if you don’t believe in God, you must agree that truth and knowledge (not necessarily government mandated indoctrination/education) are the key making a better world. You are not Caesar’s slave unless you choose to be. What do you choose?

Why we are a Free ministry vs a licensed creature of the state entity?

We have chosen to make our ministry a truly “private free ministry” and have intentionally avoided corporate ties to Caesar.  We do not want to use a state issued and controlled non-profit corporation or an unnecessary Corporation Sole (which in the modern sense is still a corporation controlled by the state). To be free is to NOT unnecessarily take “the benefit” from Caesar.  It all comes with conditions.  If you want to build a truly free not for profit ministry or church, learn how to get your own ministry started on our Member’s Page.  You can even join our cause to spread the word.



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DISCLAIMER:  At Trinity Freedom Ministries, SSM we are very careful to distinguish between “Legal” and “law discussion” and support.  WE WHOLLY discuss and support the concept of “right to counsel and free information sharing” (vs legal advice).  Mere open discussion among living men and women cannot be regulated.  We do participate in helping people educate themselves and perform more effectively in their “common” law methods to resolve matters.  Therefore, we do not give “”legal” advice, nor can we be held liable for any outcomes from the actions taken by the user or participant in this website and efforts.  Any such claims shall be held only as it applies in common law and between a living man/woman who can prove they are a verifiably damaged party willing to testify to that claim.  We do not protest the government or it’s agencies, all though we advocate that through the courts, the government obeys the law and protect the people. We do not condone attacks or suing the innocent.  We encourage peaceful and proper interaction between government, corporations, and the “people” who the government “serves”. We also state for the record, we encourage anyone who owes a verified bill, debt, an obligation to file forms, or a verified contract obligation to keep those  commitments. The contracts IS the law. We suggest merely how to verify the jurisdiction of any claim made against you, by anyone or any entity. We want you simply learn how to say – “prove it”, before you presume a claim is true! You’ll be surprised how often they can’t prove it LAWFULLY.  Please also see our further disclaimers on our web site.

FURTHER DISCLAIMERS and Belief Regarding Right to Counsel

We only provide our Members private association discussion and research support for common law and pro-se litigants who are often acting as their own attorney. or working with one another, and defending themselves in person pursuant to the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 1, Section 22 of the Washington State Constitution (and relevant Oregon Constitution). WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY KIND OF LEGAL ADVICE, AND WE DO NOT WANT TO GIVE ANY IMPRESSION THAT WE DO. WE APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE WHO MAY HAVE INTERPRETED WHAT WE DO AS ANY SORT OF ADVICE FOR FEE.  It is undisputed that everyone has a Constitutional right to defend themselves. It is undisputed that when you are Defending yourself in person, that you are acting as your own attorney. When you are defending yourself in person, you have all the same rights as any Attorney has to hire a para-legal or seek private counsel of your choice.  Our members often deal with needs requiring help in serious civil and sometimes criminal matter research.  Be sure to seek competent professional legal a counsel when needed. Private Members often provide effective private “assistance of counsel” to one another, We do not provide such assistance personally, as contemplated by the Sixth Amendment and the first Judiciary Act of 1789 as was passed on September 24, 1789, which is an Act of Congress, see 1 Stat 73 at section 35 and 28 U.S.C. 1654, and we help people who want to appear and defend in person to fight their own cases [Pro-se] or as a man, without an attorney by working with private counsel.



  1. How do I reverse a judgment against me from American Express? I got a judgment from a third party debt collector supposedly representing American Express…

    • You may need to file a claim against them – it is tougher after the judgment, but your claim would be a is a NEW matter. Then force them to remove it or offset it.

    • SIMPLE. We need the name of that man who was involved. Sue that man, as a man. If he won’t take the stand, you win (and he won’t want to because he is an attorney and his bond will be at risk). Then lay this new claim over their judgment value… he should pay you to make it go away, if done right.

  2. Aloha TJ,
    I would like to pass on some knowledge about the language being used by the attorneys and courts to create their document-claims. In addition to your awareness of the word-term-meanings as used in the dictionary they are using: Consider the following:
    SYLLABLES: Words can be broken up into syllables with each syllable having its own word-term-meaning.
    PREFIXES such as re, in, de, un etc…turn positive word terms into negative conditions of state that cannot be performed ie: the word term INSURANCE= in=no sure ance. In surance company’s provide you with NO SURANCE. RESPOND= re=no spond=speak=NO SPEAK and on and on.
    PAST AND FUTURE TENSE IE: to /shall / suffix ed etc. are used to create future and past tense for the root word. A contract of performance cannot be occur in the past and a performance for the future is VOID as there are too many variables for future events. How can we create future contract-terms for events that have not yet occured and expect to hold the parties to those terms. Of course these future contracts are written by attorneys.
    WORD-TERM-MEANINGS: Whatever dictionary u are using reveals there are several meanings for a single word, including word-term-meanings for individual-syllables. If a dictionary is not provided with a document giving the particular word-term-meaning the author is using in his document, the word-term-meaning is left to the subjective interpretation of the author and reader(s) which most always results in a miscommunications that neither author nor reader are aware of.
    INTERNATIONAL-SYLES-MANUAL/ITALICS: are the rules that tells us how symbols are used in the syntax ie: -( ), . [ ] etc. NOTE: take notice in legalize brackets are often used to separate a letter or group of letters in a word. Why do they do this? Per the grammar rules and international styles manual anything in a bracket is omitted from the page and cannot be considered as is anything written in italics as they are considered ART ie: ART IS IN A FRAME [ ]; this is why they use italics in their case law…case law is opinion…and has nothing to do with the case.

    PARSE=PARTS OF SPEECH ie: adverbs, verbs, nouns (no=no, un=no noun=no no) adjectives etc. are used according to universally accepted rules of grammar that are used to create SENTENCE-STRUCTURE called syntax. If we use their internationally accepted grammar rules their documents say nothing at all….it is complete BABBLE. I suspect this is related to the BIBLICAL TOWER OF BABBLE STORYLINE. ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF SYNTAX (THEIR RULES) The following sentence is broken down into its parse disclosing that the sentence says nothing ….. babbling:
    The plaintiff is entitled to damages as a result of the defendants actions per [HRS 711 chapter 24].
    TRANSLATION: The= The is used as an adverb which modifies the word plaintiff which is in the verb position according to the rules of syntax. The word is is used as an adverb which modifies the verb entitled (en=no titled in past-time). The word to is used as an adverb modifying the adjective damages making the word as a (pro)noun . The word a is used as an adverb modifying the word result (re=no sult) which is in an adjective position making the word of a (pro)noun. The word the is an adverb modifying the adjective defendant (de=no fend ant=contract) which modifies the adjective actions (act=no ion=contract) which modifies the word per which is in a (pro)noun-position) as the last word in the sentence because HRS 711 chapter 24 is in brackets and omitted from the page.
    WORDS BEGINNING WITH A VOWEL FOLLOWED BY TWO CONSONANTS: As a general rule…..the synonym for words beginning with a vowel followed by two consonants in the dictionary = NO CONTRACT as the word term meaning.
    HYPHENS= Hyphens are used to connect word-terms to create a single meaning…without the use of hyphens to indicate a phrase is a single word term meaning, the word terms are subject to their individual positions within the sentence structure.
    With Much Aloha,
    Cheryl: cmarshall1000@yahoo.com

    • The good news is, if you use simple common law, and stay away from a defense position and their language, you have a greater chance.

  3. In lieu of filing the dreaded 501(c)(3) IRS status ~~ which ties you into the federal bankrupt corporation USA, you can invoke the 508(c)(1)(A) status which, in other words, you invoke an exception instead of applying for an exemption. Hope this helps…

    • I say why file any of those statutory form/contract if you don’t have to. A private Ministry doesn’t need Caesar’s permission. Check out our Ministry options.

  4. Cheryl sounds like a student of David-Wynn:Miller. I was there in the beginning! (mid 90’s) i wrote a 460million lawsuit in ‘noun-jurisdiction’..really cool stuff and ‘mostly’ true but very difficult to grasp. The common law, common sense is a much simpler and in my opinion more effective approach.

    • Yes, much simpler. as simple as black and white once you get how jurisdiction works to either win or lose… not the facts.

  5. Hi, What is the best way to handle foreclosure?

    • That may depend on there it is, more details please. Use the yahoo forum for more feedback. Go on offense, is what we suggest. You cant score many points if all you do it play defense.

  6. Thanx, I will use the yahoo group from now on. I have issues in NJ and NY. What is a good offensive tactic I can use? I appreciate it!

  7. Did BitCoin launch this week???

  8. You are welcome to use as you wish the law notes at 1215.org
    No attribute need be given.
    At the home page, click on “Start here”, then follow the directions.
    All of the information on the web site is free.

  9. Do you have a suggested start base for dealing with the district ( lower courts? I.E traffic to summons to appear or arrest and first appearance. Words to use and challenges to make.

    • The same way as anything, who is making a claim against you from something, make them prove is in administrative process; then if it appears their claim is fraud, file your claim locally first. Once your claim is in, it can be added to the case as a consideration. More details take more typing than I do in a simple response, and some mentoring/coaching. We have a quick stop process if you have time to prepare. Of course consider a man is worthy of his labors if you want one on one support on this in docs or on phone.

  10. I am being denied a Certificate of Occupancy for a property I renovated due to a pre-existing sewer line. The structure was already built when I bought it and the county issued building permits to me to renovate it as well as passed inspections all along. After spending over 100k, at the very end, the County is denying the Certificate of Occupancy. Attorneys are telling me it is a very risky case and want 5k just to look at it. Not covered by Title Insurance or Builders Risk Insurance… any advice?

    • That’s a pretty complex issue, and somewhat a sticky one as far as facts, The he said, she said problems are tough. You need to identify who is making a false claim, ask them to prove it on the record, then you may have a claim against them for making a fraudulent claim. Keep it simple. We generally focus on claims moen is owed by you, situations.

  11. How do I,or where do I sign up more more advanced help for a foreclosure which has already been done?

  12. Hi, TJ
    I thought that it might be useful if you might comment on this case in DC. He seems to be doing a lot of what you are teaching, but he is not having success. In particular, he is demanding change of venue to an Article III court, proving that he is not a Citizen, etc.
    It makes me concerned that if I use your methods that the judge would ignore what I say as well.

    Here are some interviews with Rod Class: http://adventuresintosovereignty.org/breaking-news-rod-class/
    Dan Ecklund, MD

  13. Hi TJ,
    Could you please answer this question?
    How do you use common law in a situation where a financial institution is falsely alleging that your company owes a debt (and trying to take your company’s physical assets)? Not you the man, but the company you own.
    Can you still file a claim against the man at the financial institution for injury/trespass, even though he was attacking your company and not you?
    Thank you.

    • There is a lot to know about this before answering.
      Is it an LLC or Corp…. entities have not common law rights.
      They are creatures of statute.

      However, any trespass on your “property” (not just real estate) can be an issue to sue for.
      Unless a contract you signed opened that door. If that is the case, you should consider negotiating the best deal you can first.
      If a man acting in his personal or outside public office authority is damaging you the man, you may have a case.
      You should be using the Self Help legal course more likely to counter their claim. Links are at the bottom of our web pages at http://www.youarelaw.org

  14. Listening to your talkshoe I hear you favor bitcoin.
    I have researched alternative currencies for many years.
    I do not favor bitcoin for good reasons.
    In response I have created what I consider an ideal currency.
    You may find a discussion about it interesting.
    Note that by using a currency such as ours you gain freedoms which
    you do not have with bitcoin.
    For one with bitcoin you are legally obligated to pay taxes,
    with ours even the IRS admits that there are no taxes due including sales tax.
    Be happy to explain why.
    Just let me know when you would like me to call you,
    or for you to call me.

  15. Hello Folks,
    is anyone aware of how to rid myself of a “assignments of rents” lien against my property. A surety has a judgment/lien against my property due to an iron clad “surety” contract i signed as a former bail agent & bail skip. We made an “tender of payment” in the full amount using UCC 3-603, they declined and now were stuck! Does anyone know the next procedure?

  16. yes, the contract is real & valid and am not denying that but also stipulated was that the surety is "equally" responsible and therefore 50% responsible although they have a judgement for the full amount ($100k, should be $50k). It was my understanding that UCC 3-603 is a alternative way to satify the judgement in whole? It is also my understaanding that if the surety took the "instrument" to their banking "treasurer" they would have understood the process (UCC 3-603) and processed the instrument as money deposited from my SS acct. into the plaintiffs acct.?

  17. Jack more info on the currency u created to thebestrealestateguy at yahoo dot com

  18. This bitcoin thing confuses me..it seems that somewhere along the line someone is collecting federal reserve notes as payment for the bitcoins.  Is that a paradox, an oxymoronic trade, or just a get rich quick scheme for the creators of bitcoin?


    • Bit club network is not associate with creators of Bit Coin. Did you watch the videos?  http://www.bitclubnet.com  This is where people can gain access to profit from this move to digital currency. No central bankers allowed. Don’t be a “limited” thinker!

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