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Plaintiff Must Appear – Biblical laws

Plaintiff Must Appear and Biblical Laws – really matter 1 – the supreme law of the land is the common law of man established according to the mind of Gød revealed in his word;...


What are Courts Today -Private Debt Collectors Club?

Forwarded by anonymous writer as his opinion, not legal advice. COURTS are UNLAWFULL and MERE PRIVATE FOR PROFIT MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS Confirmation – our courts are debt collectors NOT COURTS for JUSTICE . . ....


Common Law Defenses

These are Common Law Defenses one may invoke or use in a case. (1)    Demur (issue of law) –– final judgment or continue      (2)    Plead     (2.1)    Dilatory plea (attempt to stop...


Why Words Matter

Just something some members shared about word art Subject pronouns i we (thou) you you (ye) he they she it are used as the subject of the sentence: i like cheese. Thou was used...


Jurisdiction VIDEO Tells It All

An absolute key video on Jurisdiction – take notes, plenty of cases quoted. This is hard core but direct to the point of what is basically going on.  


How to set up a Common Law Case

STRATEGY TO SET UP YOUR COMMON LAW ACTION Here is a suggested strategy when using common law/ court of record. IF YOU'RE A DEFENDANT, IN A SMALL CASE SUCH AS TRAFFIC, then pay the...


Tips and Tricks of Court – Videos

If you are dealing with the legal system and don’t know this, you lose. You aren’t even on the same plane of thought. Open your mind if you want to see truth! Introduction Video...

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