Monthly Archive: May 2015


Supreme Court – can only hear fictions and the dead

Just more confirmation in this article that was shared with us… The Supreme Court Confirms, only the dead can appear in their "probate" courts. ALL CASES are just probate…so master that! Maxim of Law:...


Legal problem remedy is spiritual and it works!

In order for remedy to come (with the fictional legal system), you need to fully understand this. It explains where you authority comes from. Victory is not in magical documents, but also in your...


Are You Dead or Alive? See what happens when you find out

Cestui Qui Trust = The Strawman – The Key to Winning or Losing – The Facts Don't Matter (unless you want to lose – guaranteed). This is why 98% lose as a defendant in...


Who owns you? What does the court say?

How important is Rule 220? Just exactly what is a birth certificate? Could it in fact be a certificate of title (OWNERSHIP), similar to an auto title or any other asset? The question is...


Why you LOSE in court automatically – VIDEO

World Bank Lawyer reveals what is really going on while you sleep. – Did you know we have NO COURTS in America?  You WILL lose if you don't get this! – Did you know...

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