Monthly Archive: October 2015


Does Federal Territorial Jurisdiction Ends At DC ?

Supreme Court denies the petition—but because of extraordinary intervening circumstances the case is not over. The Petition for Writ of Certiorari presents incontrovertible evidence that every Federal trial court in America is a territorial...


Simple OPT OUT Is All It Takes!

Revocation of election to be treated as a resident of the District of Columbia – it is your right to clarify and choose  Source “Qui jure suo utitur, nemini facit injuriam. He who...


Massive Fraud in the Court – Case Reveals Breakthrough for The People

Federal tax case breakthrough: Petitioner demands Court’s constitutional authority; plaintiff and Court go silent; Petitioner demands immediate dismissal and costs, restitution, and damages of $1,841,451.45 Partial resource Thereafter, Petitioner filed on September 30,...


Judge and DOJ attorneys abandon case midstream – WOW

Federal tax case breakthrough: Judge and DOJ attorneys abandon case midstream, decline to participate any further On September 14, 2015, Petitioner filed in United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Lufkin Division Case...


Is The National Debt A Hoax?

Is The National Debt a Fraud to control you?  Have you volunteered for a military dictatorship?  Interesting knowledge on mortgage notes that may help you. The Bankster Thieves orchestrated the current financial crises and...

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