Monthly Archive: October 2016


Are Courts Really Working For Foreigners? vs the People?

Who does the corporate court truly serve? Wonder why the courts always rules against you? Who do they really work for? [ This was copied and pasted directly from the AG of Illinois web...


Court Win in 60 Seconds PLUS Alternative Foreclosure Strategy

VIDEO – All Rights Reserved – UCC 1-308 – Not legal advice. Watch on our Youtube channel and subscribe Download MP3 Audio Learn about Premium Membership HERE Lean how to EARN $19,000 a month with one...


Fast Court Defense Process

FIRST AND PRIMARY COURT DEFENSE No matter what kind of case it is when they are pulling into any so call "criminal" (actually commercial in their world) or a civil matter.  A simple and effective...


The Biggest Scam Causing Social Injustice

This is the thing all the "Social Justice" liars don't want you to know about (example: the clueless fools at Black Lives Matters, George Sorros, Clintons and their crony friends, etc). It is all manufactured fear....


Pope Declares the People Are Sovereign – and that’s ok!

Next time they ask you "are you a sovereign or sovereign citizen?" Remind them of these facts, but never admit to such a claim as a label, but simply ask the question…aren't you?  Why is...


Simple Traffic Solution

A simple solution for traffic, but someone who does not have plates on his automobile and who holds title.  This was posted on a message board and I found it interesting. I have had...

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