Another Court Case Dropped

Email from another excited member… (May 18,2017)

….I’m really impressed with this info you gave out for free. I’ve been a pro se litigant for 10 years fighting foreclosures, holding my homes down but never really winning and understanding the process.

My 21 year Son just went to court in California for a ticket it was his first hearing for this.  He watch the videos over and over again – the judge called his name he made sure to sit within the first two rows of the bar. He didn’t understand what the bar meant until last night while watching your videos.

When The judge called his name he explained he was the Executor and the judge said he couldn’t “hear” him – please step forward. He told the judge he could speak louder, the third time the judge asked him to step forward, my son said “I can get this paperwork to the bailiff “? The judge then told the Bailiff it’s “off the calendar”. My son didn’t understand, then the bailiff walked over to my son on the opposite side of the bar and told him it’s “off the calendar”.

My son then walk out of the court and called me. I was so impressed I told him to get in touch with TJ right away. He’s still a bit high on life, my son is very articulate and I really think you should talk with him for potentially interview on YouTube with him. He’s only 21 and this is a major milestone in his life, and he realizes how many people as adults are afraid to do what he just did today.

Thank you TJ this really gave my son the ability to live without fear and live without being a cattle.
If you like to contact me my number is xxxxx. I really think your followers would be impressed with this young man, my son!

Jimmy Vecchione

PS it’s people like you who are making the difference!!!


Jim wrote – Yes I told my son to double check…the case was dismissed!


Because of this factor of case effectively simply disappearing or being dismissed, nothing will clearly show on a court record as to what what went on, as far as public “proof” that many insist on.  For a non believer in Christ, his truth is also hard to see …especially for those who have eyes but cannot see.  This is what our ministry is all about…TRUTH, even for those who cannot yet see.


3 thoughts on “Another Court Case Dropped

  • May 18, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Which videos are you referring to

  • May 23, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    please clarify what videos? and where to locate for viewing?

    • June 13, 2017 at 3:36 pm

      I just got summons to court from debt collector don’t know what to do know I can’t keep getting wage garnished have no money would love to fix this and also become financially secure can someone help me stand up and be a living man

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