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Supreme Court Case Invalidates Many Convictions?

Is ther indeed a Fatal defect in every federal case since March 1, 1991? All such decisions and judgments void: SEE THE CASE HERE If this is verified an true, and you use it...


The Balanced Approach to Lawful Victory

We made this special video for all member to understand how to get your lawful right protected in almost any type of legal matter involving debt, civil, or criminal matters.


Legal Myths May Be Harmful

This came from Dr Fred Graves…one of the actual good guys in the legal system…something to think about when dealing with legal issues. DETAILS HERE – We admit sometimes our discussion have gone there, but at...


3 Strikes and They Are Out Works Every Time? See Why

From our Friend Robert-Wayne – who will be featured on some upcoming audios or calls.  The ball is pitched and everyone has an opinion…..a ball…..a strike….well it is 'nothing' until the umpire calls the decision....


Quick Response to a Summons or Ticket is Key

Have you been served (ticket, letter, summons, etc? What to do right away. The never demand, the offer…Even if it appears to be a demand, they cannot demand anything from you, as you are...


Senate Document Shows We Own Nothing Unless…

Senate Document #43, 73rd Congress, First Session Regarding Ownership vs Mere Use of Property we purchase without Gold or Silver – Why can't really own anything unless paid in gold, thus we are mere tenenats with rights...


Fast Court Defense Process

FIRST AND PRIMARY COURT DEFENSE No matter what kind of case it is when they are pulling into any so call "criminal" (actually commercial in their world) or a civil matter.  A simple and effective...


The Biggest Scam Causing Social Injustice

This is the thing all the "Social Justice" liars don't want you to know about (example: the clueless fools at Black Lives Matters, George Sorros, Clintons and their crony friends, etc). It is all manufactured fear....


Simple Traffic Solution

A simple solution for traffic, but someone who does not have plates on his automobile and who holds title.  This was posted on a message board and I found it interesting. I have had...


Get a Good Attorney? Read This First

Are the court actors a fraud?  If so here is what to do. The Remedy for all of American is hand, and its not the election, it's up to you. By David-William,  ...


New Remedy Approach – Law and Freedom

This quick video tells it call. The new membership system and study for members of – Your remedy has never been simpler. Feel free to share – because if you dont, who will?  

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