Avoid Being Labeled a Sovereign Citizen – Your Status is Already Clear


I was recently asked a question:  I need to know what is the quickest and cheapest way for me to become a sovereign, what do I gain by becoming a secured party sovereign ??

I can tell buy the word you used, you really don’t know what you are asking for, so how will you know when you get it?

The good new it’s generally not cost to own what you already own. You are already a creditor  (each time you generate credit with your signature). You are already as close to the sovereign God as you can be, as his son and inheritor of his estate. He is the sovereign, not you. Certainly government is not your creator (sovereign) either… even if they wrote the birth certificate our for you.  YOU are not merely that ridiculous piece of paper (ie: court paper, ticket, the BC, license, etc). You are going down rabbit holes. You do need to know how to hold your status, and do not become surety for a fictional entity (the mere estate NAME you use), when offered to do so.  This is what our membership focuses on now, after years of research and observation. We call it a balanced approach to life and law.  Simple due process and common sense must prevail here.

You really need to know how a sovereign acts when they get a letter, ticket, or other offer, and how to stand on it. It’s not you…ever.  But we are trained to answer as if it is. Due process is still on your side, but only YOU can recognize the denial of and demand it. This method of common law demand is actually quite simple to recognize and use. That is our focus.

Don’t waste your time chasing magic money hidden in the treasury or the other Patriot Theories. You can issue credit, and that’s it… or demand your servants issue it and release “charges” if they can even prove the contract exists and is lawfully valid.  Been there, done that over the last 20 years. I’ll save you a ton of aggravation, expense, and stress. Your sovereign authority is all there in the bible is you “accept “it and live buy it’s laws, then use some practical tools we teach.  Then when and IF they do attack, you can stand on it. Not magic papers will make them leave you alone as you interact in commerce every day. Just be the one to control you contracts by exercising your God given rights of due process, and you generally will be fine (unless you did harm some living man or woman, in a legitimate contract or you physically harmed them).


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