For any generous donation we thank you in advance.  If you need a receipt, please email that request. The amount is up to you; however, keep in mind any private counsel or mentoring donation will be discussed in person. Use one of these options.

1. DONATE using a credit card, debit card, or Paypal.  You can specify the pledged gift in the shopping cart. Send us an email afterward if you have a specific request.  

We Prefer Bitcoins

Pay With Bitcoin

Its easy to set up and gets you back to a more private way of doing business. OR Simply Send USD equivalent to this Bitcoin address (copy and paste into your Bitcoin exchange account SEND to field): (copy this)  1JJCEWCpvoqoagVhSiqdtHF1ZML7zk1q86

Get and fund a Bitcoin Wallet HERE – Then SEND bitcoin from your account to our account.

2. Donate using other currencies. We accept silver coins by private courier and USPS Money Orders.  NOTE: With USPS money order leave the TO:______  section blank.  In other words, do not write in our Ministry name. This way one can hold the money order and re-use it again as needed, and also please leave the tear off receipt attached to the money order when you send it.. 

Deliver cash or money orders by mail to: Trinity Freedom Ministries SSM, 19215 SE 34th street #106-617, Camas, Washington  near [98607]


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A BIG part of the plan is also to teach financial independence while you clean up, build, and protect your credit fast (done for you) – while building income helping others (and much more) DETAILS HERE 

Are you using the NEW digital currencies?  The future of money is already here.
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Form Your Own Private Ministry Entity – Develop your not for profit purpose to serve, with full privacy and protections that state controlled non-profit entities may not provide. Not to be used for just asset hiding or tax avoidance, but for a real mission to serve your brother. HERE

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How to Win In Court Without an Attorney DETAILS HERE

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