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Key tools and elements we’ll deal with in some of our Premium Member:

1. Postal usage, driver’s license, driving, passports, taxes, mortgage, student loans – all have one thing in common. They create offers you must respond to or you lose. Even the wrong use of the postal system costs your freedom!

2. Cestui que vie – and how it affects EVERYTHING that is going on in court today. It’s all a trust and all it’s about bonds. Without this knowledge and proper use, you likely cannot SEE anything that is really going on. Things are NOT what they appear to be.

3. Handling “offers” (verbally and in writing) by agents. Your public servant/agents cannot technically “order” you to do anything.  But they are good at making you offers, and you are likely untrained how to handle this. All they can do in their world is make commercial “offers” which you are well conditioned to volunteer for.  So learn how to Conditionally Accept and turn the tables instead…handle this right, and you win every time.

4. What about “Criminal” matters ? (exclusive of when there is a real harmed party).
Learn to master handling agent offers and how to avoid getting caught in any controversy in which they might try to involve you. You have to fully get that so called “crimes” are in fact “commercial matters”, so deal with it the right way as if you know what is really going on. A bond is created, and need to be paid. But how is this done properly. When the bond is settled, the matter is over.  This is the ONLY thing that matters.

5. Handling civil matters  (on the private side):  again, know what money is and is not, and you can resolve matters with the stroke of a pen and proper follow through. This is always about a “debt” and payment.   These matters (civil or criminal) can also be tackled as a jursidiction matter, which can VOID anything they did, past or present), if you know how to recognize and address it.

6. Learning how to access the private side of the court where ALL your remedies and rights are actually protected.

The movement has everything backwards.  Most think “If I file some ‘magic’ paperwork I will suddenly be transported to the promised land.”   This just shows a complete lack of understanding. Freedom comes with a price and that price is you developing your competence on core issues and the knowledge to go with it.  There is nothing wrong with coming in peace, but if you come in war, good luck! Get back on the right side of the line and win instead.

I have heard it said “ there are a lot of broke people with Masters and PHD’s.”    The same principle applies here. It’s not enough to know this material.  You have to be able to demonstrate competence of it in what you say and do

That is what I teach and there is no one else in the movement doing so – Period!

This course will be very detailed, interactive, ongoing, and might take 6-9 month to totally get you mind re-set. These weekly free calls cover the basics of understanding, then the Premium Membership will take you into the remedies. Those webinars will involve tools, documents, practice, and homework.

Making such a realistic change in your life will not happen overnight, but can happen. It takes time to replace a lifetime of misinformation and mind control. We work to overcome those obstacles as well.



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    Page 264


    CAPITE MINUTUS. In civil law. One who has suffered capitis diminutio, one who lost status or legal attributes.

    CAPITUS DIMINUTIO. In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgement of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.

    CAPITUS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA. The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.

    CAPITUS DIMINUTIO MEDIA. A lesser or medium loss of status.
    This occurred when a man lost his rights of citizenship, but without
    losing his liberty. It carried away also his family rights.

    CAPITUS DIMINUTIO MINIMA. The lowest or least comprehensive
    degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone
    were changed.
    It happened upon the arrogation of a person who had been his own master,
    (sui juris,) or upon the emancipation of one who had been under
    patria potestas. It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered.

    ARROGATION; In civil law. The adoption of a person who was of
    full age or sui juris.

    SUI JURIS. Of his own right; possessing full social and civil rights;
    not under any legal disability, or the power of another, or guardianship.
    Having the capacity to manage one’s own affairs; not under legal disability
    to act for one’s self.

    PATRIA POTESTAS; In Roman Law. Paternal authority; the paternal power. This term denotes the aggregate of those peculiar powers and rights which, by the civil law of Rome, belonged to the head of the family in respect to his wife, children, (natural or adopted,) and any more remote descendents who sprang from him through males only. Anciently, it was of very extensive reach, embracing even the power of life and death, but was gradually curtailed, until finally it amounted to little more than a right in the paterfamilias to hold as his own any property or acquisitions of one under his power.

    PATERFAMILIAS; The father of the family. In Roman law.
    The head or master of a family. This word is sometimes employed,
    in a wide sense, as equivalent to sui juris.
    A person sui juris is call “pater familias” even though under the age of puberty.

    One should note that in Black’s Law Dictionary Seventh Edition
    there is only one word of the former words relating to
    CAPITIS DIMINIUTO, however is should be noted that the spelling of
    the word has been changed but the meaning is just as formidable.

    The following is from the seventh edition of Black’s Law Dictionary. Capitis deminutio { Latin”reduction of status”} Roman law. A diminution of a person’s legal status. —- Also spelled capitis diminution. PL. capitis deminuitiones. “Capitus deminutio is the destruction of the “caput” or legal personality.

    Capitus deminutio, so to speak, wipes out the former individual and puts a new one in his place, and between the old and the new individual there is legally speaking nothing in common.

    A juristic personality may thus be destroyed in one of three ways; (1) by loss of status libertatis. This is the capitis deminutio maxima;
    (2) by loss of status civitatis. This is the capitis deminutio media (magna); (3) by severance from that aquatic family. This entails capitis deminutio minima.

    caput; { Latin “head”} A head, a chief, or principal person. A person’s condition or status.

    “A ‘natural’ as opposed to an ‘artificial,’ person is such a human being as is regarded by law as capable of rights or duties in the language of Roman law as having a ‘status.’……Besides possessing this general legal capacity, or status, a man may also posses various special capacities, such as the ‘tria capita’ of liberty, citizenship, and family rights. A slave having as such, neither rights nor liabilities, had in Roman law, strictly speaking, no ‘status,’ ‘caput,’ or persona.’ …..

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