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Ex-Cop Tells You How to Avoid Child Support Summons & Jurisdiction


It’s all about not REALLY getting your REAL due process, vs the illusion of due process.
This is key to wining any case. Almost all processes today violate due process. You need to STOP giving consent. How many times do we need to show you this? Same game again. BAM!


Download the document HERE

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  1. Olaf Koenders says:

    G’day from Australia.

    Love the vid and the attitude. Your adversaries deserve whatever you can throw at ’em. The bit about all the 4th July flag-waving and “we’re free” etc. That’s a laugh. I know it mightn’t feel like it, but you’re all the more free than most simply by knowing what you do now.

    Give ’em a hard time and enjoy doing it.. 🙂

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