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No matter what kind of case it is when they are pulling into any so call “criminal” (actually commercial in their world) or a civil matter.  A simple and effective strategy as a line of defense if being brought into court (not as a plaintiff in your own case in which you are suing for of course). Be careful what you say and do (it will be used against you), every agreement by word or action is presumed to be a contract to them!

Even just giving your NAME you have entered into an agreement and waived other rights. You don’t kill the case by arguing or answering (especially with an attorney). You must kill it only on a matter of jurisdiction from the beginning. Therefore, if and when the judge asked for my name. I’d respond:

“If I tell you my name will I have entered into a valid or presumed contract with you?”

Repeat this over and over – don’t get tricked into anything other discussions or answering anything, except to add…“well apparently you agree we have no contract, therefore I command you to be released (or say “I am leaving” if they are not holding you). Then leave. If they pull you back in, start over again and remind them of the previous agreement. They usually try this 3 times to test you. Don’t add statements, discussions, or anything else!

This technique has caused some people to be thrown out of court. If one “identifies” to the court. If it’s a STATUTORY court, then you telling your NAME WILL cause you to enter into contract be default.  However, if it’s a “Superior” court, which is the only true court of common law left in America, then you are stating your prope name with “All Rights Reserved”, pursuant to the court operation of common law (because even Superior courts operate statutorily now). Practicing this help prevent you from entering into a their jurisdiction or be presumed to fall under a color of law contract.

Depending on whether the judge confirms or denies, you should know which court you are in; a fictional STATUTORY arena or a Superior venue (Common Law).  These days it’s always one of their satanic color of law/ fictional statutory court, where they can all literally profit from your ignorance of that is really going on. They are really pulling you into a trust arrangement to steal from you, while you volunteer your way in. We truly perish for our lack of understanding.

You must understand this…in this corporate Matrix, presumed Contract Law is the only law. There are no codes, rules, regulations, ordinances, statutes, by-laws, or anything else which most people think of as ‘law’ which does not apply to free, sovereign people. These codes and statues ONLY apply to corporate/fiction entities.

For example: If you are a government employee, THEN you are subject to their rules, or if you work for McDonalds it’s same thing. Their rules apply to a special class of people who have voluntarily made themselves subject to the jurisdiction. In this CORPORATE DEMOCRACY, if there is no contract there is no case/jurisdiction. Incomplete or invalid contracts do not apply, unless you stop it from happening. But when there is a contract, the Contract is the law.  A contractual financial liability (a “Charge”) is all that matters; and it must be proven.

This infomation came partly from Mary Croft; I just had to clarify this, since she claimed that REAL laws, such as the Constitution, are also based on contract (but there is no full 2 party contract there), it is more of a trust indenture and affirmation. The constitution clarifies our natural common law rights. Under simple common law, which is actually natural law, simple right and wrong rules apply where it doesn’t matter if there’s a contract or not; if you injure someone, you’ve committed a crime. This is not to be confused with the Old English Common Law. Think about the millions of so called “crimes” today on the books, where there is no harmed party making a claim…just a “state of” entity complaining.

In case you wonder about the Gold Fringe flag…most people in the movement today believe the fringed flag signifies the law of the Executive (king). And he has no authority over free people, only over his subjects, who accept jursidiction when they engage in commerce with these bank/courts. When you walk into their court, that flag is ALWAYS signifying which jurisdiction you are agreeing to voluntarily. Your NAME is actually a VESSEL with a number tattooed to it, when entering the BAR/territory of another country.

Note the United States is LOCATED “IN” the District of Columbia. What does that tell you?

Now you know WHY I refer to it as CORPORATE “Democracy”, and its citizens as CORPORATE US citizens (which they usually and ignorantly will agree to claim they are, when they are not).

Don’t believe me, believe the Supreme Court and verify yourself: 

“Congress is the supreme legislative body of District of Columbia; District of Columbia is a municipal corporation, and not department of government, or sovereignty, and while, in sense, it may be called state, it is such in very qualified sense.” Metropolitan R. Co. v District of Columbia (1889) 132 US 1, 33 L Ed 231, 10 S Ct 19.
“UCC § 9-307 (h) [Location of United States.] – The United States is located in the District of Columbia.”

I hope you’re following this. If the United States is LOCATED “IN” the District of Columbia, and District of Columbia is a municipal CORPORATION, then OBVIOUSLY United States is a CORPORATION. Why is this important? Because corporations have no authority over people on the land, EXCEPT by valid CONTRACT (and most of these contracts are no valid true contracts anyway).  THAT is the only law and verified by plenty of supreme court rulings.


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  • November 6, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    What is Bankruptcy Court about? How can we defeat a so called creditor claiming you owe the mortgage?

    • November 7, 2016 at 1:15 am

      The is what I call a seminar question…where would i start at my one sentence response rate?  Look up the definitions in blacks law and elsewhere including the BK court website. The angle there is to insert your own claim and payment using either some GSA forms, set off, etc. You can com in as both the debtor and as a creditor offering assets or claims, such as a mechanics lien, to set off the so called lender’s claim. Very trick though, your really need to have a clear idea of UCC, instruments and how they work. You definitely give up common law to be there.

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