How to handle [Unverified] Claims Against You

Federal Rule 12 (b)(6) Dismissal – How to handle [Unverified]
(shared by hisadvocates)

Court Rules” trump law and Code. Ralph Winterrowd (from Alaska) has Proof.

The ENEMY is “Failing to Exhaust their Administrative Remedies” per THEIR
Rule 12 b 6 thus (by their Motion to dismiss which the commonly throw at you).

It is THEM who have “Failed to state a claim upon which relief may be granted” by ANY “Court”, because THEY have FAILED to convene a “Administrative Hearing” to resolve the
Administrative Claim FIRST.

Until AFTER an “Administrative Hearing” (where YOU are “Complainant”) is
held, they (ENEMY/government) have “Failed to exhaust THEIR Administrative

When you have put in a “Motion to Strike” their Motion, for this reason, they HAVE TO hear Your motion in opposition to theirs First, because they have “No Standing to sue” in a “Court” until they have complied FIRST.

They always take people into the WRONG (court) First. (instead of an Administrative Agency Hearing).  Once you have Reversed this Wrong venue, they MUST drop their (alleged CODE) charges.

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