How to Win at Law Using The System In Your Favor

How to Win the Game of Law

Too many good folks believe “the law” is on their side but don’t know there are two (2) kinds of law!

If you don’t know both kinds you lose needlessly. Most losers never know why they lost. They blame the judge. They blame the justice system. They blame the party on the other side. They rarely blame themselves for assuming they knew all they needed to know.

There are two (2) kinds of law!

The first kind is “substantive law”. Law that determines the outcome of a case based on admissible evidence.

The second kind we call “procedural law”. Rules of court that determine what evidence will be admitted, who gets to talk, what issues will be heard, etc.

Losers rush into court demanding the judge to enforce substantive law in their favor, but they don’t know the first thing about the rules of court or how to use them to get their way. It’s like holding a winning hand in a game of cards but not knowing how to tactically apply the rules of the game to win.

It doesn’t matter if you have “the law on your side” if you don’t know how to use the rules of court to win.

Those who know how to use the rules tactically win consistently!  Those who don’t lose consistently, and blame others for it!

Do you want to win … or lose?  Your choice. You need a foundation to win.

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GET IT HERE and keep studying.  We perish for our lack of knowledge.

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