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A BIG part of the plan is also to teach financial independence while you clean up, build, and protect your credit fast (done for you) – while building income helping others and much more  DETAILS HERE


NEW – A BIG part of the plan is also to teach you financial independence, while you clean up and build your credit fast (done for you), while building income helping others (and much more) DETAILS HERE

Are you using the NEW digital currencies?  The future of money is already here.
to start with you need Bitcoin exchanger wallet account to hold and transact funding through. A highly reputable exchange to open an account with is COINBASE

The Billion Coin – The hottest crypto currency that expects say never goes down in value DETAILS HERE – and get a wallet set up at https://tbc004.net

Form Your Own Private Ministry Entity – Develop your not for profit purpose to serve, with full privacy and protections that state controlled non-profit entities may not provide. Not to be used for just asset hiding or tax avoidance, but for a real mission to serve your brother. HERE

The absolute required training tool for all law studying members to succeed
How to Win In Court Without an Attorney DETAILS HERE

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