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​”Went to court and did as discussed, they escorted me gently out of the court – case closed”  Candi 



Our upcoming classes and modules will cover this and more…

NEW – NOW Includes our exclusive Leveraged Debt Elimination Software and Wealth Building Income System

– Slow down or stop debt collectors.

– Avoid wrong response to a summons or warrant, or a least deal with them more effectively.

– Handle traffic tickets easily and quickly, out of court, and avoid the “Failure to Appear” trap.

– Reduce or erase bad credit items from your credit report, by proving it NEVER happened.

– Shut down victim-less court cases.

– Settle tax and other agency alleged debts faster and simpler, with the agency agreeing to it. Then direct all those funds to pay off a mortgage or student loans rapidly.

– Stop and/or stall foreclosures, while staying out of court; perhaps even settle them for way less.

– Recover funds being held in “Constructive Accounts” you didn’t realize exist.

– Maximize your chances to avoid or shut down lawsuits, or at least be able to handle them in simple ways without a lawyer…out of court or in court if as a last resort.

– Maximize your chances to resolve and avoid criminal or civil matters yourself based on the simple principle of “jurisdiction” over the matter, and understanding constructive trusts they are using.  If you do this right you can usually resolve matter prior to getting to court.

– Lay claim to your “labor” which is being stolen by every instrument you have entered into, such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, registrations, court cases, agreements, and more.

– Deal with child support, student loans, auto loans, settle tax matters peacefully, credit cards, etc.

– Find out how to get recognized as a Creditor/ Beneficiary, not as an incompetent debtor slave.

– Leveraged Debt Elimination – Plus Wealth and Income System

Imagine how your financial situation would improve if you you are totally debt free fast. In this mini course we focus on practical ways to achieve these objectives.

1. Building a part time business vs a limited JOB – see resources below, and learn about crypto currencies, crowd funding, real estate, and other opportunities exists – see bottom of this page.
2. Learning how to keep more of your paycheck through effective tax re-allocation, and apply all of those “freed up” funds to debt pay-down – fast.
3. Learn how you can legally challenge unsecured creditors who likely cannot prove a claim, then apply those “freed up” funds to your plan for the mortgage or other secured debts to pay them off in no time – all with minimal risk.
4. Using the included Leverage Debt Roll Down Software System to get control of the debt you cannot legally challenge – fast.


Then you will invest only $47 per month (monthly auto pay required upon ordering), to keep your membership going. Become one of the elite members of this justice at law movement today.

If you have no PayPal account, no problem. You can subscribe using a credit or debit card as well via the paypal system. If you are already a Free Member with a User ID and Password, use that SAME login  information as an existing user during registration in the last step. TERMS: Please allow 24 hours for approval and access while we verify your account. Not applicable to other offers. Cancel any time at least 72 hours ahead of a monthly charge.

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(Previous $97 /mo members can have future payments reduced to this amount going forward if you choose, or continue with current monthly gift of support to our ministry).

Be the one who makes a real difference in the world by supporting our cause while helping yourself now.

More Member Features

  • Access exclusive ‘Premium Members Only’ pages, ongoing classes, and content.

  • Access exclusive Member’s Only access to Q&A calls with experts and recordings. Get your questions answered weekly in small group call settings.

  • Discounted private consultations and support options.

  • Weekly training and support sessions via live webinar or conference call.

  • Front of the line and discount invitations to special live events, and online events to get into special subject matter at a deeper level.

  • Interactive ‘Members Only’ Q&A forum/blog for exchange of ideas and mentoring.S

  • Special service offers from many of our support and training programs, far exceeding the annual cost of membership. Some discounts are up to $1000 off.

  • Preferred access to vetted third party specialists and class support providers.

  • Reduced suggested donation on establishing your own education or spiritual sharing private “purpose” ministry (legitimate purposes please).

  • Access our most powerful remedies and instructors for dealing with Mortgages, Civil or Criminal Matters, Government issues, understanding the use of trust to settle most any matter in detail, tax issues that work, traffic solutions that really work, lawsuits, correcting your status in any situation fast, and more. Only cutting edge get-to-the-point material.

Get your Status and Standing corrected without the confusing sovereign theories. But still ensure their lawyers, government, and “banksters” see you as Private American/ state citizen vs a mere servant…on do it the record.

  • NEWEST simple status declarations and operating the right way.

  • The right way to access Common Law, Getting Equity, Non UCC method that actually get results, including mortgage remedies such accessing your hidden funds, and stopping and restructuring foreclosures, and more.

  • Learn which sovereign or patriot “red flags” to stay away from to minimize trouble.

And More…

– How to restructure your life and access leading edge techniques to become free.

– Learn how to operate your assigned “vessel” with you in absolute control.

– Avoid being labeled a “sovereign-citizen” and operate freely as a “peaceful inhabitant”.  No more war please! Live in harmony with the “system”. Stop fighting…that is our purpose.

– Access unlimited funds, capital, and business growth without long term “debt” to pay back.

– Eliminate legal issues once and for all with one letter and a well planned NON-Entry into court.

– How to Stop and Win almost any legal attack using the public OR private side.

– Actual Role Playing to stay out of court, win traffic cases, and even avoid criminal charges.

– Access a Private Ministry at a reduced expense to get your unique private ministry mission out (not for hiding assets or avoiding taxes). Access this powerful option for 50% of the usual gift for processing.

– Get Answers to Questions Free Members can’t access, plus unlimited free downloads of past calls.

– Learn the Constructive Trust Principles that allow you to recover funds being withheld from past Mortgages. (Actual available done-for-you services are extra but members receive a discount).

– Discuss ideas on how to travel freely and eventually get on the infamous “Do Not Detain list”.

We regularly cover this in our regular member only calls, webinars, and recorded material.


In our new Fast Start Class, you will receive all the documents needed to file, and get your status recognized faster than any system before.  Get there faster than ever. 

If what you are doing in the past has not worked it is likely due to 3 things:

  • Lack of knowledge of the paperwork and process needed; it is far simpler than many gurus make you think.

  • Lack of full understanding of what that paperwork really means and why.

  • Lack of knowing what to do WITH those documents and how to do it in the real world when needed..

With this training system and membership you will have access to this and more:

Comprehensive status documents and instructions to get started fast, plus ongoing classes and recorded material as we go. New classes start soon…

Training videos and audio to help accelerate your process.

The mind cannot be re-programmed over night. So it takes time once you documents are in place to get your mindset ready for the future. The cost of the 1 year program is financed at no interest to you. Our normal annual membership is over $2000, but for a limited time we are granting membership in our NEW Premium Membership gift is just $47 per month.  Of course you can stop any time 72 hours prior to an upcoming charge – Not applicable or involving any previous memberships – No credits, exchanges etc.


Get Debt Free and Wealthy today, while freeing yourself from legal tyranny!

Then you will invest only $47 per month (monthly auto pay required upon ordering), to keep your membership going. Become one of the elite members of this justice at law movement today.

If you have no PayPal account, no problem. You can subscribe using a credit or debit card as well via the paypal system. If you are already a Free Member with a User ID and Password, use that SAME login  information as an existing user during registration in the last step. TERMS: Please allow 24 hours for approval and access while we verify your account. Not applicable to other offers. Cancel any time at least 72 hours ahead of a monthly charge.

Review terms of service here

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. So glad I listened in. Many questions for next time as my nerve catches up with my fears.  Truth may set you free, but knowing how to stay there, is a whole lot of “farking” work. Thank you, again, my brother. ….  Carter D.

Would you like to stop an action against you and settle it for less once and for all?

Dealing with debt collectors (public and government), civil or criminal MATTERS ? We do NOT accept all situations, but a private consultation with a common law expert may be in order. If we cant help we may refer you to other resources as well.

A special new Common Law Adjudication process has been developed. Details are on the Premium Member page only. 


Access and use the Common Questions and Study Blog HERE

Start your background education here:

WATCH THIS DECLARATION VIDEO – THIS SPELLS OUT WHAT TO DO VIDEO – more videos are in the Free and Advanced Member areas.

Participate in moving our world forward to the Kingdom we were meant to enjoy, and share this amazing news with others. Get FREE MEMBERSHIP ABOVE.

As a member you can also attend free webinars and conference calls in groups, to share, learn, and help another discuss matters such as how to drastically increase your chances of winning a bank foreclosure matter, end debt or credit card related collections, and/or educate yourself on civil and even criminal concepts.

We believe Private Law strategies, especially by going on offense if implemented correctly, can help you defeat almost any matter. This requires no knowledge of statutes or codes, Private is simply superior, it merely requires that if the other living man is not harmed, one cannot or will not prove a claim against you. But you must ACCEPT and respond correctly in the right venue. DEFENDANTS (enemy combatants) LOSE, period!

NOTE:  We do not endorse how to resolve a matter where a legitimate damaged party was harmed by you.


Form your Private Ministry (why?)  DETAILS HERE

(those fees help support our ministry) Not to be used for tax or asset hiding purposes, you must have  legitimate purpose to serve your fellow man, but want to do so in the private with less interference from outside parties, than most non-profit structures offer. It can also offer some powerful methods to help establish your mission privately.

Join or access our YAHOO Discussion Group HERE

If you have questions – our Support Ticket System (above)

DISCLAIMER: You should seek professional legal counsel if needed. We merely provide group discussion and entertaining discussion of matters. Anything you may heard on PAST or FUTURE recordings or discussion which leads you to believe otherwise, should be considered under this statement.



A BIG part of the plan is also to teach financial independence while you clean up, build, and protect your credit fast (done for you) – while building income helping others (and much more) DETAILS HERE 

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Form Your Own Private Ministry Entity – Develop your not for profit purpose to serve, with full privacy and protections that state controlled non-profit entities may not provide. Not to be used for just asset hiding or tax avoidance, but for a real mission to serve your brother. HERE

The absolute required training tool for all law studying members to succeed
How to Win In Court Without an Attorney DETAILS HERE

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