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Simple Traffic Solution


A simple solution for traffic, but someone who does not have plates on his automobile and who holds title.  This was posted on a message board and I found it interesting.

I have had success in my last three Tickets (Notice of Infraction [NOT a crime and can’t go to jail]).  I also was just 3+ hours ago pulled over for "speeding 82 in 70", nut then was told to have a safe (trip/travels? I don't recall).

I place notice(s) on dash where the notice actually covers the VIN#

"This automobile and contents are household belongings.

NOT for HIRE. Fees incur on solicitation".


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  1. nick migliaccio says:

    i do not do affidavits only notices,does your ministry process only work with affidavits.thnx nick

    • MJT says:

      What do you mean does our ministry process affidavits? We don’t process anything, by many members use Affidavits along with Notices when appropriate. We don’t see most of the work people do for themselves out there.

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