State Laws Agree with Trust Concepts We Have Discussed

State Laws Agree with Posting on this site?  What maybe we were right?
You will find most states laws are written the same way.

The word PERSON on is NOT you (the living man/woman). It is the state registered entity NAME on a birth certificate of "title". Definitions are everything.



Power of the Courts – rights, status, and relationships DO matter.  If it has nothing to do with you (a man / woman), why are you letting THEM decide who you are? Your words and actions though can bind you to being liable.  Just being declared "subject to" their court IS your final judgment. Stop doing that.



All courts are about probate, trust, transactions etc – not the stated matter you though the court was about. If you point out that you know the court is actually administering a trust, and then assign them duty as trustee of the court case (trust) they have duty to recognize it, perform, take liability, and settle the matter for you… thus releasing any assumed liability on you. This could save you hide if done right.



We are declared abandoned after 7 years. Did you ever go back and claim your estate? No wonder they are adminstering it for you as an "incompetant child".  Remember that definition of "PERSON"?



One thought on “State Laws Agree with Trust Concepts We Have Discussed

  • April 14, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Does the same go for California? How do I get the Irs off my back? I owe no tax's and yet the keep filing bogus lien and have attached my SSI wich is all my income. From 1207.00 received monthly, the irs has taken all but 850.00. What would it cost for legal help for me.


    Melba Ford

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