Once you are a Registered Private Association Member you can then use for support, and only use it ONLY regarding Accounting and Login issues. That support person will NOT answer scenario or what-if scenario questions, or deal with questions about class content.

With any request ALWAYS include your registered Name, registered User Name and contact Email as verificationplease do not assume we can simply guess your member details and effectively respond. This will make resolving your situation go much smoother and faster.

If you have legal scenario and class material questions of an instructor, ONLY use the Private email method in the instructions found on the Premium Member page, and only if sent from your own secure email address, as instructed on the Premium Member.  Non members and Free members will likely NOT be responded to due to simple time limits of the instructor.

Private Consultations call backs require additional donation fees (discounted for Premium Members) and need to use the private email method s outlined on the Premium Member page. Associated donations/fees will be disclosed then. We do not offer legal or tax advice. We are not an emergency legal rescue service either. We come strictly from an educational resource position. At times you may be referred to 3rd parties who specialize in your situation for more assistance. If you are asking about a situation, tell us what the situations is, what happened factually only, what you have done so far, and what outcome you seek…in simple terms.

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