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Supreme Court Case Invalidates Many Convictions?

Is ther indeed a Fatal defect in every federal case since March 1, 1991? All such decisions and judgments void: SEE THE CASE HERE If this is verified an true, and you use it...


3 Strikes and They Are Out Works Every Time? See Why

From our Friend Robert-Wayne – who will be featured on some upcoming audios or calls.  The ball is pitched and everyone has an opinion…..a ball…..a strike….well it is 'nothing' until the umpire calls the decision....


New Remedy Approach – Law and Freedom

This quick video tells it call. The new membership system and study for members of www.YouAreLaw.org – Your remedy has never been simpler. Feel free to share – because if you dont, who will?  


Does Federal Territorial Jurisdiction Ends At DC ?

Supreme Court denies the petition—but because of extraordinary intervening circumstances the case is not over. The Petition for Writ of Certiorari presents incontrovertible evidence that every Federal trial court in America is a territorial...


Simple OPT OUT Is All It Takes!

Revocation of election to be treated as a resident of the District of Columbia – it is your right to clarify and choose  Source www.supremecourtcase.wordpress.com “Qui jure suo utitur, nemini facit injuriam. He who...


Massive Fraud in the Court – Case Reveals Breakthrough for The People

Federal tax case breakthrough: Petitioner demands Court’s constitutional authority; plaintiff and Court go silent; Petitioner demands immediate dismissal and costs, restitution, and damages of $1,841,451.45 Partial resource www.supremecourtcase.wordpress.com Thereafter, Petitioner filed on September 30,...


Judge and DOJ attorneys abandon case midstream – WOW

Federal tax case breakthrough: Judge and DOJ attorneys abandon case midstream, decline to participate any further On September 14, 2015, Petitioner filed in United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Lufkin Division Case...


Courts Are Moving in Right Direction to Prove a Claim

I received this article today.  Good news, but never forget, YOU must still assert a right, and see it through. The state court system announced new rules Tuesday to stop debt collection agencies from...


What is a Court of Record?

What is a ‘court of record’?   from 1215.org as well A ‘court of record; 1) generally has a seal 2) has power to fine or imprison for contempt 3) keeps a permanent record of the...

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