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A Stronger Way to Set Up a Foreclosure Defense

FIRST STEP IN FORECLOSURE DEFENSE CASE: (3rd party provided) A thorough title search of the property being subject to foreclosure is an absolute necessity. This includes researching back to the plat in the case...


Constitutional Challenges to Courts Government and Opponents

The Flynn’s have a long history of winning in the courts and¬†have taught thousands to do the same. Below is their winning questions to ask the judge and prosecuting attorney¬†BEFORE a court case begins….this...


Court Win in 60 Seconds PLUS Alternative Foreclosure Strategy

VIDEO – All Rights Reserved – UCC 1-308 – Not legal advice. Watch on our Youtube channel and subscribe Download MP3 Audio Learn about Premium Membership HERE Lean how to EARN $19,000 a month with one...


New Remedy Approach – Law and Freedom

This quick video tells it call. The new membership system and study for members of www.YouAreLaw.org – Your remedy has never been simpler. Feel free to share – because if you dont, who will?  


23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure

I posted this just in case you need to consider this approach, I am still big on helping yoruself, because YOU can go further than an attorney. This perspective may help some. Everyone who...

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