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Constitutional Challenges to Courts Government and Opponents

The Flynn’s have a long history of winning in the courts and¬†have taught thousands to do the same. Below is their winning questions to ask the judge and prosecuting attorney¬†BEFORE a court case begins….this...


Court Win in 60 Seconds PLUS Alternative Foreclosure Strategy

VIDEO – All Rights Reserved – UCC 1-308 – Not legal advice. Watch on our Youtube channel and subscribe Download MP3 Audio Learn about Premium Membership HERE Lean how to EARN $19,000 a month with one...


New Remedy Approach – Law and Freedom

This quick video tells it call. The new membership system and study for members of www.YouAreLaw.org – Your remedy has never been simpler. Feel free to share – because if you dont, who will?  


23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure

I posted this just in case you need to consider this approach, I am still big on helping yoruself, because YOU can go further than an attorney. This perspective may help some. Everyone who...

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