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Do not get caught in court when you get a letter or summons

When you get a letter or summons from any bank, government “agency”, corporation, or party suing you, you need to consider this concept. It is all BANKING and presumption that “you” are a liable...


The Balanced Approach to Lawful Victory

We made this special video for all member to understand how to get your lawful right protected in almost any type of legal matter involving debt, civil, or criminal matters.


Main Reason You Lose and Judges Ignoring You Is…

What is the reason most people lose?  They voluntarily fail to act and use the rules to their favor.  Aside from not creating a good evidence record that cannot be ignored by using discovery...


The Burden of Proof – Who Must Do What and Why!

The Burden of Proof … Who Must Do What and Why! You must understand who has the burden of proof … and why it matters!  If you're being sued, the OTHER side has the burden...

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