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Do not get caught in court when you get a letter or summons

When you get a letter or summons from any bank, government “agency”, corporation, or party suing you, you need to consider this concept. It is all BANKING and presumption that “you” are a liable...


How To Control Judges

I am passing this on from the folks at the Self Help Legal Course – (for less cost than 1 hour of lawyer time). That course is a necessary tool to perfect your abilities...


Constitutional Challenges to Courts Government and Opponents

The Flynn’s have a long history of winning in the courts and have taught thousands to do the same. Below is their winning questions to ask the judge and prosecuting attorney BEFORE a court case begins….this...


The Balanced Approach to Lawful Victory

We made this special video for all member to understand how to get your lawful right protected in almost any type of legal matter involving debt, civil, or criminal matters.


Pure Equity Alone is NOT The Key To Winning – Beware the GURUS

In latest research and feedback from member trying to figure out using "Pure Equity" as a remedy, we had a member show us this finding.  We can still get "Equity" in the system if...


Quick Response to a Summons or Ticket is Key

Have you been served (ticket, letter, summons, etc? What to do right away. The never demand, the offer…Even if it appears to be a demand, they cannot demand anything from you, as you are...


What Court is Really About

Very Revealing videos of what is going on in Court – It's not what you think. It's not about the bill, the ticket, the tax etc.. It is something more.  Part1 Part 2 Canon...


Does the Bible Really Teach You Useful Lawful Remedy?

There are two ways you can “meet your maker”. (an interestng perspective forwarded by a brother) One way is to ask and ye shall receive the spirit, or you can ignore this option. This...


Victory – Bonds and Oaths DO Matter

Here is what can happens when you catch a Public Officer (attorney, cop, agent), acting outside their authority/ office. Which is the case in almost EVERY color of law world case. It's amazing what...

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