The Biggest Scam Causing Social Injustice

As always – not legal advice – 3rd party posting material

This is the thing all the “Social Justice” liars don’t want you to know about (example: the clueless fools at Black Lives Matters, George Sorros, Clintons and their crony friends, etc). It is all manufactured fear. They do all they can to turn people against one another by creating Terrorist Fears, Drug Wars, National debt fears, etc….all as a distraction from the truth, while they play this shell game with your life. Almost none of your “patriotic” paid “income taxes” even go to pay for anything except to interest to the banks…not for services. Here is proof. Please share.

To stop this requires us to stop participating voluntarily. Learn how in our member discussions.


If you and I created such a scheme, they would imprison us and call us Bernie Madoff.

wake up from The Matrix folks.

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