The Burden of Proof – Who Must Do What and Why!

The Burden of Proof … Who Must Do What and Why!

As always – not legal advice – 3rd party posting

You must understand who has the burden of proof … and why it matters!  If you’re being sued, the OTHER side has the burden of proof. If the other side files a Motion, THEY have the burden of proof.

But, sometimes the burden shifts back-and-forth. Knowing who has the burden is critical. Don’t be victimized by lawyers tricking you into thinking the burden is yours, making you struggle to “disprove” a fact or the application of law … when the burden is not on you!

The burden is always on the party asserting a fact or law to prove what he asserts.

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You will be surprised how often government agencies, lenders, debt collectors and more CAN’T prove anything, but rely on you to assume you must prove something instead. Don’t fall for it.

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