Victory – Bonds and Oaths DO Matter

Here is what can happens when you catch a Public Officer (attorney, cop, agent), acting outside their authority/ office. Which is the case in almost EVERY color of law world case. It's amazing what you see form the outside of The Matrix. You see what is going on.

Joe had a simple traffic case that was escalating into more serious charges fast including possible Jail time.

HIS RECENT EMAIL: They dropped the case. Once they got the notice of the city prosecutor being out of office (COMMENT: thanks to the FOIA method we taught this private student) . And yes I found the state local government code that said before doing your duties or acting in the office must have oath and it is up to the city if they need to be bonded or cover by city insurance In Texas anyway all county officers elected or appointed must have a bond .

fyi thanks – Joe

NOTE: If any public official does anything which is outside their authority, their case is VOID (these are easier to catch than you might imagine), and IF you make the proper claim, you win – that's it. If you want support on such an approach, contact


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  • February 20, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    The fact that there is no CONSTITUTTIONAL Authority for the existance of the corporation (that is the county and your state)  is also a denial of jurisdiction for them. If you don't "CONCENT" to their trap, they have no power/authority over you. 

  • February 20, 2016 at 11:45 pm

         Where might one find evidence in the public record that the STATE or COUNTY is a corporation?  

         I know that the Superior Court of Alameda county in CALIFORNIA is a corporation, because I have their EIN #.   I got that when I had to make a payment to the court, and called and asked for it so that I could comply with 1099 tax reporting requiremnets when 'paying them over $600 annually'.  

    • March 15, 2016 at 1:13 am

      Hello, George:

         You deserve to know, that what you call your "1099 tax reporting requirements" (spelling

      corrected) are not as you have been ill-advised; or, what you may have read in the

      "Instructions", without knowing you should examine the definition of "trade or business".

         In the Internal Revenue Code (applicable to those internal to the U.S. government),

      at Section 7701(a)(26), you will find that phrase (which applies to that IRS Form) defined.

         Look it up; and see in Section 162 that it applies (for instance), to a "Member of

      Congress", etc. Not you, George.  Obviously, you beLIEve that you are a "taxpayer"!

         All such "Forms" are jeopardizing to an American Citizen; they are intended for certain

      "U.S. citizens", or "14th Amendment" (sic) "citizens of the United States" (District of

      Columbia).  Study, study, study!


      Arthur Stopes, III.

      Legislative Analyst and Writer (L.A.W.)

      Director, Center for Unalienable Rights Education (C.U.R.E.)

      Berkeley, California state.

      E-mail: <>

      Tele.: (510) 548-5238






  • February 10, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    How do you refute 1099 and such sent by banks and employers to the IRS as a trap to get a revoked election American National trapped?

  • February 10, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    BTW, if quatloos tries to trash you Mt. Stopes you are doing a lot of good, thank you, that is a badge of honor to be notices and lied about on quatloos.

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