Why Are We Choosing the Less of 2 Evil Masters? Time to Change


For my friends so committed to political candidates, and obeying the Color of Law.

Why are you so willing to simply choose your lesser of 2 evil masters? Can't you manage your own affairs?
Why does it really matter?  Who is YOUR real authority. The un-enlightened choose a master.



One thought on “Why Are We Choosing the Less of 2 Evil Masters? Time to Change

  • October 14, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    what do I do ive been fighting the government for two years for my children back the state of nebraska has illegally kidnapped them and had my family every person in my family has turned on me and helped the state take my kids from me and my husband. Ive been learning for to years now whats in the books about law. Ive come across this site in my search for finding what knowledge will help my beautiful children return home. we have done everything we can think of. the state just terminated our rights because we know that what they are doing is illegal. the supreme court is not going by any law that they have there just going by what the state wants or says. I have no help because everyone is scared to stand against authority. Im not scared I will fight for my children till the day they come home but please i need advice or refrence on what to do.  pickel87@gmail.com is my email please contact me if you could point me in the right to direction to save my kids and get them back home to people that love and care about them. 

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