Why you want to be an idiot!


Do you really comprehend or understand all those statues and codes?

The best way to proceed is to not try and compete on the eny’s playing field, with only your defensive football team (and no use of your offense).  So get used to saying this… I DON’T UNDERSTAND LEGALESE, I AM AN IDIOT. (then shut up)

Example: When a man in a black robe asks “would you like some water before we begin” (or anything).  i believe both “yes” and “no” to be wrong answers. It is a trick question, just as when they start using foreign language codes and statutes on you.  “i believe i must rebut the presumption [joinder] that i [a] man, am surety for the person that stands before the man in a black robe”. “i either rebut, or do not consent to the role as a (defendant) loser”

surety (n.)   c.1300, “a guarantee, promise, pledge, an assurance,” from Old French seurté “a promise, pledge, guarantee; assurance, confidence” (12c., Modern French sûreté), from Latinsecuritatem (nominative securitas) “freedom from care or danger, safety, security,” fromsecurus (see secure (adj.)). From late 14c. as “security, safety, stability; state of peace,” also “certainty, certitude; confidence.” Meaning “one who makes himself responsible for another” is from early 15c. Until 1966, the French national criminal police department was the Sûreté nationale.  When they ask your name, they are really asking if you are the surety. They aren’t asking for you a living man, they are asking for the TITLE of the trustee/surety.

Be Aware; Rebutting by Utterance can be fatal: i believe my common parlance (utterance) is transformed into legalese as it transits from my vocals … to the man dressed in black’s inner ear.

utter (v.)  “speak, say,” c.1400, in part from Middle Dutch uteren or Middle Low Germanutern “to turn out, show, speak,” from uter “outer,” comparative adjective from ut “out” (seeutter (adj.)); in part from Middle English verb outen “to disclose,” from Old English utan “to put out,” from ut (see out (v.)). Compare German äussern “to utter, express,” from aus “out;” and colloquial phrase out with it “speak up!” Formerly also used as a commercial verb (as release is now). Related: Uttered; uttering.

I believe the man in the black robe costume (remember this is a play), not being able to make sense of my utterance is then free to interpret that noise as she so pleases and may even hold me in contempt for disrespecting HER court. I believe it is therefore critical to express my thoughts to the court only by hand written (man-made) words only, that are simple and can get in the record.

express (adj.)   late 14c., from Old French expres, from Latin expressus “clearly presented,” past participle of exprimere (see express (v.)). This led to the noun (first attested 1610s) meaning “special messenger.” Sense of “business or system for sending money or parcels” is 1794. An express train (1841) originally ran to a certain station.expressly (adv.)   late 14c., “in detail, plainly,” from express + -ly (2). Meaning “for the express purpose” is c.1600.

If you get stuck and need to write something, you can always stop and “require a leave of court” (to then go to the bathroom) and write a note to the court. Don’t ask…require. 

One way i might rebut the attempted joinder may be to hand write this:  “i, [a] man am not a ewe, yew or a you; i am [a] man. i do not understand legalese, computer language or the customs of your legal society. i want of no man, God provides all; i, require a cup of water for my thirst.”

I might give it to the bailiff to enter as my answer on the record. 

if asked another question i might answer in hand writing “are YOU asking me this question as a man or a man in a black robe ?” … if he states he is speaking as the man in black robe,  i might simply answer by hand with:  “yes, it certainly is a lovely day” or …“Forgive me, i completely forgot about the Cinnamon rolls, but coffee would be great”  … because …“i” only communicate with a man..!!!

I do not understand Chinese, legalese, computer language, or the customs of the legal society …!!!  (meaning you don’t stand underneath these actors and their corporation court). Simply tell them I am an ” idiot” (yes say this – look up the proper definition).

Then if they try to appoint an attorney on you, simply say, “I do no accept, it wont be necessary. I am here by special appearance only to accept and settle any only verified claims against the person known as YOUR ALL CAPS NAME, and settle that matter with any living man who has a verifiable claim. Otherwise I, a man have no business here, and will be leaving now. If any man or woman in this room has a verifiable claim against me, a man, let them come forth so I can settle with them now or forever withdraw such claims, or put them under oath to state their claim at this time (repeat 3 times), if not I will be leaving now, my business here is finished”. Then stand up and leave…any delay means you are not serious and you may give up your standing.

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