Bundy Charges Dropped – Why You Can Win Too!


This is for all of those who thing you can’t win. They did a lot of things to reserve rights, expose corruption the is inherently going on as part of their strategy.

Charges against rancher Cliven Bundy, three others are dismissed!

Sessions calls for probe of Bundy case after mistrial Attorney general orders investigation.

A federal judge dismissed all charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his two sons and another man on Monday after accusing prosecutors of willfully withholding evidence from Bundy’s lawyers.

U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro cited “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” in her decision to dismiss all charges against the Nevada rancher and three others.

“The court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated,” Navarro said.

COMMENT – More cases than you can count have similar defects and corruption behind them. I understand there was more argued about jurisdiction as well, which they could like not let the public hear or see. But this was the easy way out for the court. A win is a win even if the real truth is not always make public. Sometimes you don’t know when you are winning.

Full story HERE


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