Patriot Myths Debunked?

Have you heard of any of these patriot myths? Many “sovereigns” and “patriots” may be disappointed to hear this, but wouldn’t you rather come back to earth for some REAL remedies?

Which ones are real or which are not. Get some background here, then decide for yourself.

Details are here

The New TDA Argument

Fake Judge Anna

1213 Concession of English King

California Divorce Case of In re the Marriage of JOELLA and RUSSELL H. SARGENT
involving popular arguments

FreedomClubUSA: A Scam


Really? Invisible Contracts?

George Mercier

Who Is George Mercier

Bills of Exchange

Travels with Neptune & Poseidon: A short explanation of admiralty jurisdiction

The UCC Argument

Names in Capital Letters

We Are Not Brits

The Redemption Process

Read this case about Redemption Process

The “New” Redemption Process

Accept for Value & “Copyright Your Name”


Comments from lawyers re the BAR

The Missing 13th Amendment

Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin

Executive Order No. 11110

Federal Law Is Not Copyrighted

US District Courts

Ralph Kermit Winterrowd 2nd and his 3rd – Uniform Commercial Code is supreme in today’s courts”

Ralph’s Appeal to Alaska Court of Appeals

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