Prove I Am Dead or Else Process

This article came from a member recently, thought I would share.  He believes that in every court case they must get you to admit being dead (a fictional name vs the man)

For your information you are NOT DEAD! This is the fast track to freedom from legal court issues.


No Administrative/Admiralty/Tribunal court has personal, or subject matter jurisdiction over any living being! None, whatsoever! ALL “DEFENDANTS” MUST BE DECEASED! Don’t be a “defendant”.

In all court cases, be it Municipal, County, District, State, or Federal Court, you merely need to request a Certified Copy of your DEATH CERTIFICATE, which they cannot produce!!

Failure to produce your DEATH CERTIFICATE, the case is null & void and must be dismissed with great prejudice, less the officers of the court be collaterally attacked & estopped, and charged with multiple counts of constructive & conversionary fraud! In their “legal terms,” these frauds are considered “MURDER!” Murder is a Capital Crime!

With the primary purpose of the State being to protect the lives & property of its inhabitants, all Law Enforcers, and particularly those US Marshals, Sheriffs, and Court Bailiffs, being State & US agents, their duty is to protect the lives and properties of every living being entering these Administrative/Admiralty/Tribunal Courts, against any & all officers of the court, as these officers are bearing false witness that the “DEFENDANTS” are deceased, when in fact, the Bailiff can witness, first-hand, that the “DEFENDANT” is alive & well! A Bailiff, then, can be asked to testify to this fact, as he is always under Oath to tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth!


REF: Scott v. McNeal 154 U.S. 34 (1894) Reveals what is going on their court system


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  • July 28, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    does any one have a sussjested letter to send to a judge concerning the fact that they just
    administered the estate of a dead man and demanding that the judge produce a certified copy of the death certificate

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